Friday Randomness

I am currently writing a research grant (due next Wednesday) which my future university home needs by Monday, so I’ve been a bit swamped. But for your consolation and/or reading pleasure, I suggest the following re-reads:

“Best By”, “Sell By”, “Use By”… Is my expired food safe to eat or not?  

Raw milk–healthier or just plain dangerous?

Also, I leaned this week that scientists have found a virus that may be involved in obesity and also that the herpes virus might have a role in Alzheimers. Where did I learn this, you ask? I wrote a “find a weird virus and present it in class” assignment for my students and learned many interesting things…

In other news, bloody water in a cooler (meat kept on ice…ice thawed…meat and water exchanged fluids) turned dark green last weekend after 24 hours in a warm-ish car trunk. I regret being unable to tell you what microbe was in it, but I suspect something capable of breaking down red blood cells and extracting the iron.

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