Listeria in Ice Cream?

Blue Bell Ice Cream--a cautionary tale Unfortunately, yes, this is a possibility. See, Listeria monocytogenes lives in soil, decaying leaves, animal guts, raw milk, and lakes, ponds, and streams. It's also really good at surviving in cold places (refrigerator temperatures) and forming biofilms to avoid getting scrubbed off or killed by sanitizers (they can't easily … Continue reading Listeria in Ice Cream?

If E. coli is so Dangerous, How is it Ok it Lives in My Gut?

E. coli shows up in the news pretty regularly. Whether it's in hamburgers or lettuce or flour, the little rascal's appearance is generally accompanied by reports of ruined kidneys, hospitalization, and sometimes death. On the other end of the spectrum, we read that we all have E. coli in our guts-that it makes Vitamin B12 … Continue reading If E. coli is so Dangerous, How is it Ok it Lives in My Gut?

Summer Food Safety Research

Summer: a time for lazing in the backyard, having picnics, and doing food safety research Note: I have every intention of keeping up this blog, but the truth is, I'm a little buried right now. I'm working on setting up a food safety minor in my department, on developing new courses, on planning summer research … Continue reading Summer Food Safety Research