Your Body’s pH is Just Where it Needs to Be

It’s been a while. I’m sorry. As it turns out, developing a class from scratch and starting a lab up in good earnest, and mentoring/supervising four students in that lab, and writing grants, and driving around 2x a week collecting samples from chickens…doesn’t leave a lot of energy for blog writing.

Humans have a blood pH of 7.35-7.45. This is carefully controlled through multiple feedback systems. So, for instance, if your blood pH goes up, your body will naturally correct it. If it goes down, it will naturally correct it. There is no such thing as an “alkaline” body pH or “acidic” blood pH–well, there is, but it usually lands you in the hospital, quite sick.

Now, not every area of the body is the same pH. The stomach has a pH of 1-3. The small intestine has a much higher pH. Skin is slightly acidic. But the key here is that for every bit of your body, the pH is tightly regulated.

Why? Well, the protein enzymes which do all the work in our bodies will stop working outside their preferred pH range. They will unfold into a worthless squiggly mess.

So what about all the supplements and special diets? Well, they don’t work, because if they did work as claimed, you’d become seriously ill. Consequently good effects people notice are likely the placebo effect. Comment with any questions.

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